The circle is a safe space to speak, heal, love and support. In many cultures, the traditional way to celebrate, solve discrepancies, or for rites of passage, was in a circle. As a Circle Keeper Facilitator, in a traditional (nonreligious) way, I honor the ways of the sacred circle to bring healing, communication, and celebration as needed.

Some of the reasons to consider a private circle are:

  • A family in crisis
  • Relationship healing
  • Prior to marriage
  • Rite of passage for a child in puberty, teen entering adulthood, a mature adult
  • Processing Grief
  • Reconciliation
  • Mediation
  • To learn communication
  • To learn and begin a tradition
  • Celebration of life (child birth)
Community circles are open the public. Private circles, requested by my clients are private.
Circles with time constraints last 2-3 hours. Traditionally, circles last as long as they need to; even if it requires the circle to come together over a period of days.
The best place for a circle to be held is one where the participants can focus without distractions or noise. As of now, I travel to my clients' homes or places that have been reserved specifically for the circle. I travel nationwide.
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A centering table, also referred to as an alter, is where everyone places something of importance to remind them of their purpose of being in the circle.
Incense and sage are used to clear the energy of the room and to set a peaceful ambience.
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