Clairvoyant. Clairaudient. Clairsentient.

I see. I hear. I feel.

Ready or not!

I have always been super sensitive but I didn't know it was a gift. As a teen, after meditation I would see and hear people talking to me. Then, I had no clue that the people I saw had passed over. I also had premonitions and prophetic dreams. I pushed it all aside as life circumstances took a front seat. Though I remained connected to spirit through personal self development, I had not yet identified what I was experiencing as special abilities.

In 2017, I had a huge breakthrough and there was absolutely no denying the gifts I have. I now embrace my ability to connect with people no matter where they are in the world. By connecting to my guides, higher self, and masters, I am a conduit who helps my clients gain clarity and heal, deeply.

What to expect:

  • All readings are over the phone and must be scheduled and paid in advance.
  • Readings are either 1/2 hour or 1 hour.
  • Sometimes those who have passed over will step forward with a message. 
  • I automatically scan your body for areas of concern.
  • At this time, I don't use tarot cards. I do use numerology.
  • I prefer to not know anything about my clients prior to the reading. 
  • I am available for special gatherings. Please contact me for quotes. 

Want proof? Check out my client testimonies! 

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